Sjabloon:Icons Sjabloon:Quote Er is een kringloop in sjablonen geconstateerd: Sjabloon:Earth character infobox The 46th Earth King was the King of Ba Sing Se and ruler of the Earth Kingdom during the time of Avatar Kyoshi. His rule was unpopular with his people, allowing Chin the Great to begin his conquest of the kingdom and sparking a revolt against the government in Ba Sing Se.


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The 46th Earth King was a mighty Earth King who ruled Ba Sing Se during the time of Avatar Kyoshi. During his tenure there was a peasant revolt, and he summoned Avatar Kyoshi to his court to keep the populace in line. Kyoshi refused and told the Earth King he had to listen to his people. When Kyoshi refused to help him, the king had his guards try to arrest her. In turn she defeated his guards. The King eventually agreed that Kyoshi train an elite group of Earthbenders to protect the cultural heritage of Ba Sing Se, which became the Dai Li. The Dai Li are featured in the episodes in which the Avatar Aang group go to Ba Sing Sai with Toph. They go there to deliver news to the Earth King about an eclipse.

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