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The Beetle-Head Merchants are desert-dwellers that pre-date all other tribes in the Si Wong Desert. Legend has it that their beetle-like headpieces date back to ancient times when their ancestors lived underground and survived the attacks of giant gilacorns by mimicking the appearance of the nasty-tasting Sour Beetles -- the only creatures on the desert floor not palatable to gilacorns.

Their opportunistic streak and flexibility help make them skillful traders -- they have an uncanny ability to see saleable potential in almost anything presented to them. It's their rather easygoing nature that makes them every tribe's first choice with whom to trade and swap.

The Beetle-Head Merchants make camp all over the Si Wong Desert, and fly their Red and Black Flag proudly. They travel all over the Si Wong Desert so as to make trade in as many places as possible and also frequent the cantina, Misty Palms Oasis to get good business. They consider the cantina their base. They travel around the Si Wong Desert on their Giant Beetles, which they have disciplined. The Giant Beetles play an important part in their culture.

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