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The Cabbage Merchant is an unlucky, recurring joke who can be found throughout the Earth Kingdom.


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This unfortunate character is something of a recurring joke. He appears in many Earth Kingdom locales with his cart full of cabbages, which inevitably gets destroyed, usually by Aang when he's fleeing from a foe or some other situation, which causes him to yell the catchphrase "Agh! My cabbages!" His first appearance was in "The King of Omashu," when his cart was destroyed by a troop of overzealous Earthbending guards, only to be destroyed again by the Avatar and his companions when riding on the mail system and one final time in that episode by King Bumi and Aang while riding the mail system (once again). He is seen in the episode "The Waterbending Scroll", when his cart was destroyed by pirates that were chasing Aang and his friends. He is seen among the refugees fleeing to Ba Sing Se in "The Serpent's Pass"; while waiting to get on the ferry to the city, the ferry's security told him he couldn't bring his cabbages due to the risk of a Cabbage Slug infestation; and the cart was destroyed by a Platypus Bear. He was last seen in "The Tales of Ba Sing Se" when a Rabbaroo ate his cabbages, to which he responded by exasperatedly saying "My cabba....Oh forget it," and walking off. He can later be seen in the background crying. He is mentioned by Sokka in "The Ember Island Players" as a surprisingly knowledgeable merchant of cabbage, a source of information to the play.

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Trivia Edit

  • The martial arts consultant of Avatar, Sifu Kisu, was originally going to be the Cabbage Merchant as his counterpart in the show. But eventually, the creators decided that the Cabbage Merchant was too tall.
  • In "The Ember Island Players", Sokka mentions "a very knowledgeable merchant of cabbage" as a source on a poster for the play. This is a clear reference to the Cabbage Merchant, and his feelings towards Team Avatar's repeated "vandalism" of his cabbage cart.
  • In the episode "The Serpent's Pass", when the platypus bear destroys the cart it is said by the creators that a cabbage slug can be seen if you slow the tape down.