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Er is een kringloop in sjablonen geconstateerd: Sjabloon:Earth character infobox Chin the Great (also known as Chin the Conqueror), was a warlord from the northwestern Earth Kingdom born over 370 years ago during the time of Avatar Kyoshi. He launched a largely successful war against the Earth King before being killed by Kyoshi in defense of her homeland.


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Chin is remembered as a capable, if tyrannical, leader who successfully took advantage of widespread dissatisfaction with the unpopular 46th Earth King's rule to launch his campaign to unify the Earth Kingdom under his control. Massing a large and formidable army, he successfully managed to gain control of the entire continent save Ba Sing Se in the northeast and the small peninsula in the southwest that Avatar Kyoshi called home.

When Chin demanded that Kyoshi surrender her homeland to him, Kyoshi instead split it from the mainland, creating Kyoshi Island. Chin died when the piece of land he was standing on, which had become the unsupported edge of a cliff when Avatar Kyoshi split the peninsula, gave way and collapsed into the sea.

The village of Chin, located at the place where Kyoshi Island split from the mainland, is named in his honor.


  • The Chinese characters carved on the lower part of the statue in ancient Seal Script read 秦帝, which means "Emperor Chin". He is named and based on Qin Shi Huang, the controversial first Emperor of China who united the country and from whom China its English name.
  • Chin's status as a great conqueror yet one who was short in height may be a reference to Napoleon Bonaparte.