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General Shinu is the commander of Pohuai Stronghold and director of the Yu Yan Archers. An experienced and hard-bitten Fire Nation soldier, Colonel Shinu is a bit jealous of higher ranking officers. When Zhao was promoted to Admiral, he took the archers to aid his search for the Avatar, much to the Colonel's annoyance.

His rank as 'Colonel' is short for 'Colonel Commandant' (the equivilent of Brigidier General), as he was the same rank as Commander Zhao.

As revealed prior to the arrival of Sozin's Comet, Shinu has been promoted to General since his last appearance. He informed Fire Lord Ozai that the Earth Kingdom Rebellions were preventing the Fire Nation from achieving total victory over the Earth Kingdom, and suggested that more domestic forces be sent to reinforce the occupation.

His status after The War ended is unknown


  • The word 'Shinu' (死), the colonel's name, means 'to die' in Japanese.

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