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The World of Avatar is divided into four separate nations, The Water Tribes,Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, and Air Nomads. Each location has unique geography and landmarks, which are shown below.


Air NomadsEdit


Southern Air Temple

Southern Air TempleEdit

Main article: Southern Air Temple

The Southern Air Temple is one of the four temples, located near the south pole, and housing exclusively male Aibenders. It is quite notable to be the childhood home of the current Avatar, Aang.

Northern Air TempleEdit

Main article: Northern Air Temple

The Northern Air Temple is another temple exclusively housing male Airbenders. It is located in the upper reaches of the northern Earth Kingdom, on a snowy mountain. It was also a victim of the Air Nomad Genocide, along with the Eastern,Wester, and Souther air temples. The temple is notable for the population of Earth Kingdom refugees, led by The Mechanist, that have settled in and colonized it.

Eastern Air TempleEdit

Main article: Eastern Air Temple

The Eastern Air Temple was one of the two temples exclusively housing female Airbenders, the other being the Western Air Temple. Like the other temples, its population was completely wiped out during the Air Nomad Genocide. Guru Pathik lived here for an extended period of time, where he trained Aang in controlling the Avatar State.

Western Air TempleEdit

Main article: Western Air Temple

The Western Air Temple was the counterpart to the Eastern Air Temple, housing exclusively female Airbenders. It is located in the mountains north of the Fire Nation, resembling an upside-down pagoda. It was also victim to the Air Nomad Genocide, which destroyed most of the population. The temple is notable in that, unlike the other three temples, it is situated underneath the edge of a cliff, as opposed to a mountaintop. The spires seem as though they were built upside-down, and because of that, the temple is hidden to the passerby.

Water TribeEdit


Northern Water Tribe

Northern Water TribeEdit

Main article: Northern Water Tribe

The Northern Water Tribe is the northern division of the Water Tribe. Its people are entirely contained within one city located at the North Pole, which is the only surviving city of the Water Tribe. Built inside high walls of ice and in inhospitable terrain, the city prospers in its isolation. No attack by the Fire Nation on the city during The War has ever succeeded, including the massive Siege of the North. Unlike its southern sister tribe, the people of the Northern Water Tribe are still many and prosperous.

Southern Water TribeEdit

Main article: Southern Water Tribe

The Southern Water Tribe is the southern division of the Water Tribe. Its people are scattered in tiny villages and settlements located across the South Pole. Unlike its northern sister tribe, the people of the Southern Water Tribe are teetering on the edge of extinction due to Fire Nation raids.

Foggy Swamp TribeEdit

Main article: Foggy Swamp Tribe

Also known simply as The Swamp, this vast, mysterious wetland covers a very large area of the southwest Earth Kingdom and is home to the Foggy Swamp Tribe, who are descended from emigrants from the Southern Water Tribe. The swamp has an extensive array of flora and fauna.

Earth KingdomEdit

North-eastern RegionsEdit

Ba Sing SeEdit

Main article: Ba Sing Se

Out wall 001

Ba Sing Se

Ba Sing Se is the titanic capital of the Earth Kingdom, encompassing nearly all of the northeast corner of the kingdom. It was the last great Earth Kingdom stronghold after the fall of Omashu. The city is by far the largest city in any of the Four Nations. Ba Sing Se means "Impenetrable City"; the city is so named for its two world-famous walls, the gates of which have no hinges or other hardware and are opened by use of Earthbending.

Serpent's PassEdit

Main article: Serpent's Pass

The Serpent's Pass is a narrow strip of land between two large lakes that links the western and eastern halves of the Earth Kingdom, and is one of the very few direct paths to the capital, Ba Sing Se. It is named after the serpent which guards it, which makes the pass feared in the Earth Kingdom. Most refugees refuse to use the pass and instead cross the lake by boat.

North-western RegionsEdit

Makapu VillageEdit

Main article: Makapu Village

Makapu Village is a small farming town located in the northwestern Earth Kingdom on the slopes of the active volcano, Mt. Makapu. Volcanic eruptions have caused the soil around the volcano to become rich in minerals, making it perfect for farming. It is notable for being the place of residence of the fortuneteller Aunt Wu. The village is also home to the rare Panda Lily flower, which grows on the crater of the volcano. It is a symbol of undying love and unity.


Main article: Taku

Taku is an abandoned city in the western Earth Kingdom. It was an important centre of commerce. The city was destroyed by the Fire Nation in its first wave of attacks.

Harbor TownEdit

Main article: Harbor Town

The Harbor Town is a small coastal village located in the western Earth Kingdom. This harbor is located on the western coast of the Earth Kingdom and is free from Fire Nation control.

Southern RegionsEdit


Main article: Omashu



Omashu is the second largest city in the Earth Kingdom and the capital of one of its provinces. Only Ba Sing Se, the titanic capital of the Earth Kingdom, is larger. It was one of the last great strongholds of the Earth Kingdom before its fall in the months before the end of the war and a supplier of men and weaponry. Previously ruled by King Bumi, Omashu was taken over by the Fire Nation and renamed New Ozai. During the Day of Black Sun, King Bumi single handedly liberated Omashu and all the powerless firebenders abandoned the city.


Main article: Gaoling

Gaoling is a large town located within a mountain range in the southern Earth Kingdom. It is home to both the wealthy Bei Fong family and the Earth Rumble tournaments. An old, well-established city, Gaoling has a spectrum of people residing in it, ranging from the very rich to the very poor. The town has been untouched by the war, due to it not being in a particularly strategic location. This is evidenced by the attitude of many of its residents.

Chin VillageEdit

Main article: Chin Village

Chin Village is a small town located on the cliffs of the Earth Kingdom's southwestern coast. It is named for Chin The Great, a warlord and conqueror who nearly conquered the Earth Kingdom. It plays host to the unique "Avatar Day" festival, a celebration in honor of the Avatar.

Kyoshi IslandEdit

Main article: Kyoshi Island

Kyoshi Island is a small island off the southern coast of the Earth Kingdom, dotted with many small villages. It is famous as the birthplace of Avatar Kyoshi. The island is the home of the elite Kyoshi Warriors. The island was created when Chin the Conqueror threatened it. Avatar Kyoshi separated Kyoshi Peninsula from the Earth Kingdom mainland to keep her people safe from future threats.

Western RegionsEdit

Cave of Two LoversEdit

Main article: Cave of Two Lovers

Bestand:Cave of Two Lovers.png

Located near the city of Omashu in the Earth Kingdom, the Cave of Two Lovers is a secret tunnel that passes through a section of the Kolau mountain range. The tunnel is actually a giant underground labyrinth full of dangerous animals including Wolfbats and Badgermoles.


Main article: Gaipan

Gaipan is a small village located in the central Earth Kingdom. After being overtaken by the Fire Nation, it was evacuated shortly before being destroyed by a catastrophic flood.

Seedy Merchants PierEdit

Main article: Seedy Merchants Pier

The Seedy Merchants Pier is a small harbor and town in the Earth Kingdom. It is a tiny trading port with a seedy element. Here one can buy almost anything - from jewellery to pottery to musical instruments and trivial items. The Seedy Merchant's Pier welcomes all nations so long as they have an inclination for a bargain.

Senlin VillageEdit

Main article: Senlin Village

Senlin Village is a small farming village located in the center of a dense forest in the western Earth Kingdom. It was recently attacked by a spirit, Hei Bai.

Mining VillageEdit

Main article: Mining Village

The Mining Village is a medium-sized village located in the Earth Kingdom. It is located on the Northwestern coast of the Earth Kingdom, and its inhabitants make a living by mining coal in several nearby mines.

River VillageEdit

Main article: River Village The River Village is located in the Western Earth Kingdom, and situated between the forks of a large river. It serves as a regional trading hub and ideal location for merchants to sell their wares.

Bestand:River Village.png

Central RegionsEdit

Si Wong DesertEdit

Main article: Si Wong Desert

Bestand:Si Wong Desert.png

The Si Wong Desert is the largest desert in the world. It is known as the driest and hottest place in the world, and is almost impossible to successfully navigate. It is sparsely inhabited by Sandbender Tribes.

Great DivideEdit

Main article: Great Divide

The Great Divide is the largest canyon in the world. It is located in the rocky regions of the central Earth Kingdom.

Full Moon BayEdit

Main article: Full Moon Bay

Full Moon Bay is a secluded cove in the Eastern Lake, located just south of Ba Sing Se. It is the location of a hidden ferry station that refugees from all over the southern portion of the earth kingdom come to on their way to Ba Sing Se.

Fire NationEdit

Fire Nation ProperEdit

Fire Nation CapitalEdit

Main article: Fire Nation Capital


The Fire Nation Capital is the seat of the government for the Fire Nation. It is home to the Fire Lord, the royal family, and nobles of the Fire Nation. The capital is located on the Capital Island, a larger island in the western region of the Fire Nation.

Fire Fountain CityEdit

Main article: Fire Fountain City

Fire Fountain City is a large, industrial city located in the Fire Nation. It is named for the large, fire-breathing statue of Fire Lord Ozai in its center. It is located on one of the many islands in the eastern half of the Fire Nation.

Ember IslandEdit

Main article: Ember Island

Ember Island is a small resort located in the outer islands of the Fire Nation. It is home to many luxurious resorts and vacation homes for the wealthy and powerful. The beaches are among the most popular in the country, and host many popular Kuai Ball games.

Boiling RockEdit

Main article: Boiling Rock

The Boiling Rock is a massive Fire Nation prison. Its name is derived from the fact that the prison is on an island in the middle of a boiling lake on a volcanic island. The Boiling Rock is where the most dangerous prisoners in the Fire Nation are held, domestic and foreign alike.

Jang HuiEdit

Main article: Jang Hui

Jang Hui is a small, poor village located in the outer islands of the Fire Nation. Located on the Jang Hui river, this unique Fire Nation village is made up of floating houseboats connected together.

Shu JingEdit

Main article: Shu Jing

Shu Jing is a town located in the Fire Nation. Situated on a cliff above a river and waterfalls, and surrounded by beautiful mountains, this is one of the many small, peaceful villages that are tucked away throughout the Fire Nation islands.

Sun WarriorsEdit

Sun Warrior's Ancient CityEdit

Main article: Sun Warrior's Ancient City

A sprawling, ancient city that was thought to be an uninhabited ruin. Aang and Zuko discover that the Sun Warrior civilization still exists here. Much of this stone metropolis is now covered in vines and sits unused. This is because the tribe is much smaller than it used to be.

Neutral LocationsEdit

Whale Tail IslandEdit

Main article: Whale Tail Island

Whale Tail Island is a large island situated off of the southwestern coast of the Earth Kingdom and among the Southern Air Nomad archipelago. The island gets its name from its distinctive shape, which on maps bares an uncanny resemblance to a whale's tail.

Physical GeographyEdit

Air NomadsEdit

The four Air Temples, one at each corner of the globe, are hidden away atop mountain ranges in the northern Earth Kingdom and on three remote islands or archipelagos.

Water TribesEdit

The Southern Water Tribe inhabits the South Pole, the Northern Water Tribe inhabits the North Pole and there is also a small population of Waterbenders located in the swamps of the Earth Kingdom. In the tribes of the poles there are short mountain ridges on the inside and on the coast of the islands.

Earth KingdomEdit

Bestand:Earth Kingdom Map.jpg

Because of its immense size, the geography of the Earth Kingdom varies tremendously by region. Much of its center is taken up by arid grasslands, and the Si Wong Desert, which dominates the southeast. Its northwest coast is covered with dense pine forests - further south, these are replaced by semitropical deciduous forests. The area near Omashu is fairly mountainous, with small pine thickets and large steppes.

Fire NationEdit

The continent is located on the planet's equator in the western hemisphere, and is composed of several islands, and therefore is an archipelago of tropical volcanic islands, many still active. The geography of the Fire Nation is characterized by several bays and fjords.


In the World of Avatar there are an important number of landforms in different parts of the four nations.


There are many volcanos in the World of Avatar, some known volcanos are in:

  • Makapu Village - Erupted when the Team Avatar was there. Located in the Earth Kingdom.
  • Roku's Island - Its eruption caused the Roku's death. Located in the Fire Nation.
  • Fire Nation Capital - Some parts of the city are in a crater of a dormant volcano.
  • Crescent Island - Volcanic island. Located in the Fire Nation.
  • Boiling Rock - This Fire Nation prison is on an island in the middle of a boiling lake on a volcanic island.

Rivers, Lakes and LagoonsEdit

Some known rivers and lagoons are or are in:

Bestand:Nan Shan River.jpg
  • Nan Shan River - Large river in the southern Earth Kingdom.
  • Jang Hui River - Located in outer Fire Nation.
  • River Village - Located in western Earth Kingdom.
  • Shu Jing - Located in outer Fire Nation. It has waterfalls.
  • Waterfall Lagoon - System of springs and waterfalls in western Earth Kingdom.
  • River in a Earth Kingdom forest - River used for browsing of the Fire Nation Navy.
  • Waterfall Pond - Located on the northern outskirts of the Si Wong Desert. It is a water pond that has a large cliff on one side where a waterfall dumps into the pond.
  • Lake Laogai - It is a small body of water located within the outer wall of Ba Sing Se.


Some known forest are:

  • Wulong Forest - It is a forest that lies on the coast of the western regions of the Earth Kingdom. It is notable for the hundreds of rock columns that tower over the landscape.
  • Earth Kingdom Forest - Located in northwestern Earth Kingdom. Forest where Jeong Jeong lives.
  • Senlin Village Forest - Burned down by the Fire Nation as a result of a battle.
  • Jet's Forest - Located in western Earth Kingdom. It is near the valley where the village of Gaipan lies. The Treetop Hideout is in this forest.


The most islands in the World of Avatar are small. Known islands are:

  • Ember Island - It is a small resort located in the outer islands of the Fire Nation. It is home to many luxurious resorts and vacation homes for the wealthy and powerful.
  • Kyoshi Island - It is a small island off the southern coast of the Earth Kingdom, dotted with many small villages. It is famous as the birthplace of Avatar Kyoshi. The island is the home of the elite Kyoshi Warriors.
  • Crescent Island - It is an uninhabited island in the outer Fire Nation that once housed a temple for the Fire Sages and a shrine to Avatar Roku.
  • Roku's Island - It is a small Fire Nation island which bore and was home to the previous Avatar Roku.
  • Whale Tail Island - It is a large island situated off of the southwestern coast of the Earth Kingdom and among the Southern Air Nomad archipelago.
  • Hing Wa Island - It is an island located in outer Fire Nation.
  • Kirachu Island - It is an island located in outer Fire Nation.


Bestand:Chameleon bay.jpg
  • Full Moon Bay - It is a secluded cove in the Eastern Lake, located just south of Ba Sing Se.
  • Chameleon Bay - It is a small body of water located in the northeastern Earth Kingdom. It is on the mouth of a river that leads to the outskirts of Ba Sing Se.

Mountain RangesEdit

  • Patola Mountain Range - High ridge where is the Southern Air Temple.
  • Kolau Mountain Range - Range in southwestern Earth Kingdom, where is located Omashu.
  • Southern Earth Kingdom Mountain Range - Gaoling is located within this mountain range.
  • Western Earth Kingdom Mountain Range - In this coastal mountain range lies the hidden General Fong's Base.
  • Air Nomad Mounatin Range - The Air Nomads were situated on remote mountains in large temples, compared to other nations. There were four temples in all, two that were male, and two that were female.

Other LandformsEdit

  • Si Wong Desert - This desert is the largest in the world. It is known as the driest and hottest place in the world. Located in the Earth Kingdom.
  • Great Divide - It is the largest canyon in the world. It is located in the rocky regions of the central Earth Kingdom.
  • Archipelagos - The Southern Air Nomad Archipelago and Fire Nation Archipelago are sets of several islands. The whole Fire Nation is an archipelago of volcanic islands.
  • Glaciers - Located at the poles: Northern and Southern Water Tribes.
  • Black Cliffs - Located on an uninhabited island in the Fire Nation.
  • Geysers - Located in a Western Earth Kingdom Forest.


Each nation of the Four Nations is influenced by their own distinct, dominant season; and each one is characterized by different climates.

Air NomadsEdit

Autumn is the dominant season of the Air Nomads. Airbenders are strongest in this season. More Air Nomad children were born during autumn than any other season, all retaining bending abilities. The climate of all the Air Temples is similar, with a mediterranean temperate climate. Rains have not been seen in any temple, but it was snowing in the Northern Air Temple.

Water TribesEdit


The Water Tribe's dominant season is winter. To an effect, more Waterbenders are born during winter than any other season and their powers are at their strongest during the season due to the longer nights. In actuality, both polar Tribes experience winter-like weather consistently, with snow falling year-round. The climate of the Northern and Southern Water Tribe is characterized for very low temperatures, sometimes under 0ºC. They have a polar climate; scarce rainfall and snow and the relative humidity in the air is low.

Earth KingdomEdit

Bestand:BSS Upper Ring.png

The Earth Kingdom's dominant season is spring, the time when several living things on Earth are reborn. To an effect, more Earthbenders are born during the spring that any other season and their powers are at their strongest during the springtime. On average, the climate in the Earth Kingdom is characterized for to have an average temperature. In some parts, the nation has an arid climate, especially in center Earth Kingdom: the Si Wong Desert (the driest and hottest place in the world) and the Great Divide; and in other parts, predominates the temperate climate, like in the Kyoshi Island. There have been seen some rainfall in the Earth Kingdom, like in the episode The Storm.

Fire NationEdit

The Fire Nation's season is summer. The power of Firebenders are slightly enhanced due to the increase in temperature. Most Firebending children are born during the summer. The climate in the Fire Nation is varied, although the most parts of the nation has a tropical and an arid subtropical climate. The Fire Nation has high and average temperatures. There has been some rainfall seen in the Fire Nation in the episode The Southern Raiders. Because of a warm and humid climate, the Fire Nation is home to a variety of native flora and fauna, though most of the main islands have been stripped of their forests and now consist of grassy plains.


Air NomadsEdit

After the Air Nomad Genocide, (conducted by the Fire Nation, that resulted in the complete extinction of the Air Nomads, and the fauna that lived in the Air Temples with them) the population of the Air Nomads was small compared to the other nations, even to the Water Tribes. The sole known survivor of the massacre was Aang, the Avatar.

Water TribesEdit

The population of the Water Tribes is relatively small, and is the third most populous nation. Because The War, the Southern Water Tribe was driven to the brink of extinction through a series of raids; hence


the Northern Water Tribe is the most populous Water Tribe.

Earth KingdomEdit

The Earth Kingdom is the most populous nation in the world of Avatar; and Ba Sing Se, its capital, one of the most populous cities. These features are due to the Earth kingdom is the nation with the largest expanse of territory. Thus, it is an ethnically diverse country, with wide variance in customs between different provinces and tribes. The Earth Kingdom has not suffered a heavy loss of life or any sort of extinction in civilization or Earthbenders.

Fire NationEdit

The Fire Nation is the second largest nation in the world in terms of population and area. The nation has suffered some loss of lifes because of the war, but not so many as the other nations, who have been victims of more numerous attacks and genocides. The population of the Fire Nation is mostly concentrated in urban centers, though smaller settlements, villages and towns dot the landscape as well.


  • Fire Nation is situated on a small island but it has the best technology, just like Japan. It has been in a war with Earth Kingdom which is very big, just like China. Also, Air Nomad clothes are just like Tibet's.
  • The world map is so similar to our world map, but no America. On the other hand, Fire Nation is situated in the place where South America ,which is popular with its Mayan Culture, used to be. In the episode "The Firebending Masters" Aang and Zuko finds The Sun Warriors Ancient City which is Mayan cultured.

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