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General How is the leader of the Council of Five and longtime veteran of the war with the Fire Nation. How is essentially the supreme officer of the Earth Kingdom military and the primary military adviser to the Earth King. Although his primary duty is to protect and guard the outer wall of Ba Sing Se, he is also involved with the Earth Kingdom's war effort outside the wall. He provides resources, troops, and intelligence to the Generals located in other bases throughout the Earth Kingdom. A man of honor and courage, General How is proud to serve his kingdom in their ongoing war against the Fire Nation. General How, and the rest of the Council of Five, are completely loyal to the Earth King.


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Introduced in "The Earth King", he and his men searched Long Feng's office, retrieving several documents including a military report revealing the location of the Southern Water Tribe forces, the scroll from the Guru Pathik, and a letter said to be from Toph's mother. How and the other Council members were making preparations for the invasion of the Fire Nation during the solar eclipse when Azula and the Dai Li captured them as part of their coup in "The Crossroads of Destiny".

The War ended in an Earth Kingdom victory when the Order of the White Lotus liberated Ba Sing Se. General How was likely freed afterwards.


How's voice actor, Jim Meskimen also voiced Jee and Avatar Kuruk.