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Kenji is the zookeeper at the Ba Sing Se Zoo. He has an older brother, who earns money by letting monkeys dance. His older brother accidentiatly grapped Momo during Tales of Ba Sing Se.


One day, Aang lands in a zoo looking for Appa. Instead he finds many animals in small unfit cages. Kenji tells Aang that the zoo is no longer receiving funding from the Dai Li because it is no longer popular with the children. However in a circle of troubles, nobody comes to the zoo because it does not receive the funding and is quite filthy. Kenji would like nothing more than to let his animals run wild in open spaces. Aang suggests moving the animals outside to an open area just outside the city. Aang begins to herd the animals out of Ba Sing Se.

Meanwhile, Kenji frantically tries to get the guards to open the gate. They refuse until they see the oncoming stampede. Once the gates are open, Aang reaches the other side and hops on his air scooter again. Using Earthbending, he creates a wall around the animals. He continues to Earthbend paths, secluded areas, and habitat accessories. The children and their families come flocking to the new Zoo, and Kenji thanks Aang for his help. Kenji tells Aang he should have a job with animals. However, the zoo animals weren't the only creatures that followed the sound of the whistle, as many cats, dogs, and half-cat-half-dogs are also inside the animal pens. Afterwards, Kenji decides that Aang should stick to saving people.