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Lily is Chong's wife and basically the female equivalent of Chong. She is a bit air-headed but always optimistic. Lily is a laid back, free-spirited person who prefers to enjoy life rather than obsess over the details. Very mild-mannered and at times almost lethargic, she doesn't always pay attention to obvious details. Like the other nomads, she loves music. This is why she was initially attracted to Chong; he used to serenade her with his banjo. Lily is a musician herself; she plays the flute. She travels around the world with her husband playing songs and telling stories. She accompanied The Avatar through the Cave of Two Lovers on their way to Omashu.

Personality Edit

Lily is non plussed like the rest of her nomadic friends. A gentle disposition, mild, friendly warm with a kindly gentleness for good measure.

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