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The Spirit World is a lush and vast world that coexists with the Natural World. It is possibly where people from the Natural World go when they die, as all previous Avatars live within the Spirit World after their deaths in the Natural World. The worlds are closest together during a solstice, and are therefore easier to cross between. Certain parts of the Natural World bridge over to the Spirit World, such as the Spirit Oasis in the North Pole, the Fire Temple on Crescent Island, and the great tree at the center of the swamp in the Earth Kingdom. However, the greatest bridge between the two worlds is the Avatar. Only a few people have ever been to the Spirit World to our knowledge. We have seen Sokka and several villagers disappear there with Hei Bai in "Winter Solstice Part 1: The Spirit World". It is likely that Iroh has visited it as well, due to his ability to see spirits and the fact that Admiral Zhao taunted him about it. According to Sokka, the Spirit World has no bathrooms.

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