Sjabloon:Icons Sjabloon:Quote Er is een kringloop in sjablonen geconstateerd: Sjabloon:Fire character infobox Ta Min was a Fire Nation noblewoman, and the wife of Avatar Roku.


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Born into one of the wealthiest families in the Fire Nation, Ta Min always thought that she would marry someone in the royal family. But then, she met Avatar Roku and was attracted to his persistence, kindness, and intelligence. Roku had a crush on Ta Min, but every time he saw her he would become nervous and believed she didn't even know he existed. She was present at Roku and Sozin's birthday when Roku learned of his Avatar status.

Roku and Ta Min ended up marrying each other, with Sozin taking the position of his best man. At the wedding, Sozin asks Ta Min for the permission to borrow Roku for a talk. She replies that is unusual but says ok. During the talk, Sozin tells Roku of the plan to spread the Fire Nation.


Roku and Ta Min had a house on Roku's home island. It is known they had to have at least one child, but little else about their daily lives is revealed over the course of the series.

One night on Roku's Island, Roku and Ta Min were sleeping when they felt the earth tremble. They hurried outside and were met by huge clouds of ash. As they ran to safety, the two let go hands. Roku turned and attempted to fight the volcano. The eruption could be seen and felt from the Fire Lords home and he came to help his friend. Ta Min waited anxiously on a boat watching her husband's attempts to stop the lava. Sozin realized that with Roku gone he could continue with his plans and left Roku and Fang to die.

Ta Min never stopped loving Roku, even after he died. She never remarried and quietly lived out the rest of her days on Ember Island. Ta Min's granddaughter was Princess Ursa, wife of Fire Lord Ozai. This means that Ta Min was the great-grandmother of Fire Lord Zuko and Princess Azula.




  • Ta Min is voiced by Grey DeLisle, who also voices Azula, Ta Min's great granddaughter.
  • When Ta Min was younger her hair resembled Katara's hair when she was wearing her Fire Nation disguise. (Also her hair resembled Ursa's style)