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The Boulder is an Earthbending wrestler. He is a combatant in the Earth Rumble competitions. He fought for his country.

Though his "pro wrestling" stage accent may seem unintelligent, he speaks with a degree of consideration and eloquence that suggests a greater intellect beneath his bombast wrestler facade. The Boulder has a Badgermole tattoo on his back and he always talks about himself in the third person. He frequently employs earth-related puns, for example: "The Boulder is going to win this in a landslide!"


The Boulder is a combatant in the Earth Rumble competitions. He defeats the other combatants with ease, but loses to Toph in the final round of the competition.

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The Boulder later reappears in "The Day of Black Sun, Part 1: The Invasion", alongside the Hippo and many other Earthbenders. He has stated to Toph that he and the Hippo no longer fight for other's entertainment, but for the good of the Earth Kingdom. Although his skills are invaluable during the invasion, ultimately the plan fails and almost all of the warriors are captured by the Fire Nation.

The Boulder was freed from prison after the War ended.


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The Boulder is one of the best Earthbending fighters in the Earth Rumble tournament. While his style of fighting is less extravagant than the other fighters, he is still amazing to watch. His straight-forward, powerful Earthbending skills are effective in their simplicity. However, he is still no match for Toph, who easily defeats him in the final round of the competition.


  • According to Toph's ransom letter, his name was written as 大石塊 (dà shí kuāi) which translated as 'big chunk of rock.'
  • The Boulder was inspired by real life Pro-wrestler Dwayne Johnson, also known as "The Rock". The Boulder refers to himself in the third person when he speaks, as The Rock did. He is voiced by pro-wrestler Mick Foley, who is a good friend of The Rock.


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