Sjabloon:Icons Er is een kringloop in sjablonen geconstateerd: Sjabloon:Fire character infobox Tom-Tom is the baby brother of Mai and the son of the new Governor of Omashu after its surrender to the Fire Nation and the Governor's Wife.

Tom-Tom is still a baby and is not yet able to understand the war his family is involved in. Both curious and mischievous, Tom-Tom is a typical two-year-old who innocently gets himself in and out of trouble.



Tom-Tom is a minor character who is only seen in the episode Return to Omashu. In the episode, Tom-Tom wanders away from his parents, who are distracted by the "plague" of "Pentapox". He eventually wanders into a room where he spots Momo eating berries on a table. Tom-Tom spots the Lemur's dangling tail and pulls it, forcing Momo off the table and onto the floor with Tom-Tom. Momo tries to escape, but Tom-Tom follows him and they end up together with the escaping citizens of Omashu. The two eventually wind up at the rebel campsite. Aang returns, and not long after, a messenger falcon appears bearing a message from the governor. Apparently, the governor thinks that the Earthbenders kidnapped Tom Tom and used the disease as cover. He offers to trade King Bumi for Tom-Tom.

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Azula decides to let Mai handle the exchange so that there will be no more screw ups. When Azula, Ty Lee, and Mai show up at the rendezvous point, they bring King Bumi, but they decide to go back on the deal because they thought that trading a baby with a powerful Earthbender King was foolish. Later, Aang goes to the governor's house to return Tom-Tom.

Omashu was liberated by King Bumi near the War's end, so it is unknown what became of Tom-Tom or his parents.