Fire Avatar
Do NOT name this character anything other than this
Biographical information
Nationality Fire Nation
Age Deceased
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Gold
Personal Information
Allies Fire Nation, The Avatars (Aang, Roku, Kyoshi, Kuruk, Yangchen, more...)
Weapon of choice The Elements
Fighting Style(s) Firebending, Airbending, Waterbending, Earthbending
Chronological and political information



Fully Realized Avatar



First Appearance

The Avatar State

The Unnamed Fire Avatar was an Avatar who hailed from the Fire Nation centuries before the war. This Avatar came before Avatar Yangchen. He appeared in "The Avatar State" when Avatar Roku was telling Aang more about the Avatar State. He dresses in robes and a hat similar to those worn by Fire Sages. He was seen briefly, making volcanoes erupt by using his Firebending, and possibly his Earthbending, enhanced by the Avatar State. Nothing else about him is known, as he was only seen as a brief memory shown to Aang by Roku of previous Avatars.

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