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Warden Poon is the warden of the prison near the Fire Nation Capital. He is known to be a tough, insulting warden has no respect for the criminals under his watch. He especially despises General Iroh because he is a traitor to the Fire Nation. In his eyes, General Iroh is a lazy old man who can only eat. Warden Poon spends most of his days walking up and down the prison corridors, verbally assaulting the prisoners in order to break their spirits.

Before and during the invasion, he was seen harassing Iroh because of his military disgrace at Ba Sing Se. He was also confident that Iroh would never escape the prison and was doomed to rot in his cell. However, during the Day of Black Sun, Iroh broke himself out of the prison. Evidently, Poon and Iroh fought each other almost immediately after Iroh broke out, as Zuko found Poon lying on the floor, dazed and unable to stand. Poon told Zuko upon arrival that he had never seen anything like it, and that Iroh was like a "one man army".

It is unknown if Poon retains his position as Warden with the rise of Fire Lord Zuko.

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